Installing Polish Satellite tv in the UK

Poland broadcasts quite a few free channels, which can be received with simple standard definition receivers. To receive all of them, a dish on both Hotbird and Astra satellites is required

All the free Polish channels

Dish on Astra and Hotbird

Although, just the Hotbird satellite , will give you the vast majority of them.


With the current production of HD receivers reaching an all time high , the prices have dropped dramatically so make sure to choose an HD receiver, even if all your channels are SD ( standard definition) the reason being not just that most of Europe countries are planning to introduce HD channels, but also the screen rendering of SD channels from an HD box is a lot better, due to the electronics. New digital filters , integral in the display chips in new receivers, have brought the price down , that makes it easy for the receiver manufacturers to include better and more complex filters ( see my article on HD screen rendering ) which will give you a better crisper picture with less digital ‘effects’ , the fuzzy bits you always get with digitally produced pictures.


I have been using the Amiko range of receivers for the last year and these world beating boxes are superb ! Much better pictures than receivers , which last year were costing 50% more than the Amiko models, plus many features which allow, communications online, epg screens, easy network connection (no longer just Ethernet) with WiFi dongles available. The Alien Amiko model shown can also stream your favourite channel to your phone or tablet

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