Installing Polish Satellite tv in the UK

Satellite Tv Europe can install for you, the Polish NC plus channels. NC + is the latest Polish tv platform and broadcasts all the well known and popular Polish channels. . In March of  2013, Cyfra+ was merged with competitor platform N and so NC + came about.

I can provide a prepaid card for  any of the 6 available packages from NC+

1) DOMOWY+ 51 channels,
2) COMFORT+ 128 channels
3) EXTRA+ 133 channels,
4) CANAL+ POLAND 102 channels
5) COMFORT+ and CANAL+ POLAND 136 channels
6) EXTRA+ and CANAL+ POLAND 141 channels
The most popular package is “Comfort+” and the channels are listed here:


ncplus1 ncplus2 ncplus3

Something for everyone here. Plenty of films and sport. The full package shows a good number of English Premier League matches too !  Many of the English and American films  shown have dual language tracks so you can enjoy them in English as well as Polish

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5 Responses to NC plus The best of Polish Satellite Television

  • Mathew Barrett says:


    I live in Herne Bay in Kent and want the NC+ package. Please tell me how much this would cost for the installation and any subscription.


    Mathew Barrett

  • Liam says:

    hi ,
    I have got very good reception on HotBird using a 90cm Dish and a very old Fortec Rx.
    I would like to buy a HD box for my wife for Xmas. She is Polish and likes TV Info,Polonia, and the other free ones like Historia and Kultura all excellent pictures. However as it is so old it is not HD.
    what price / cost would a suitable box be to get the News and some HD channels? It has to be a Suprise so email only to communicate I do not speak Polish.
    I do not need anything other than a suitable Box.
    Thank you

    • polwijk says:

      Hi Liam,
      The Amiko receivers I use are brilliant, great features to tune in without knowing the frequencies ( blind search ) and easy to re-order the channels that you save in both the full list and any favourite list that you create.
      For the best channels that your wife will appreciate, choose the NC+ package. It has all the main channels that you would watch in Poland and the yearly card is currently just £100 , compared to Sky its sooooo cheap. Plus if you want to you can buy an upgrade to a film channel or sports channel at some future date.
      I can supply an ordinary NC+ box OR I can supply a twin tuner, so she can watch one channel and record another, much like Sky+. Note the dish needs a twin LNB to use the twin tuner of course.

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