Installing Polish Satellite tv in the UK

Satellite Tv Europe can install for you, the Polish NC plus channels. NC + is the latest Polish tv platform and broadcasts all the well known and popular Polish channels. . In March of  2013, Cyfra+ was merged with competitor platform N and so NC + came about.

I can provide a prepaid card for  any of the 6 available packages from NC+

1) DOMOWY+ 51 channels,
2) COMFORT+ 128 channels
3) EXTRA+ 133 channels,
4) CANAL+ POLAND 102 channels
5) COMFORT+ and CANAL+ POLAND 136 channels
6) EXTRA+ and CANAL+ POLAND 141 channels
The most popular package is “Comfort+” and the channels are listed here:


ncplus1 ncplus2 ncplus3

Something for everyone here. Plenty of films and sport. The full package shows a good number of English Premier League matches too !  Many of the English and American films  shown have dual language tracks so you can enjoy them in English as well as Polish

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