Installing Polish Satellite tv in the UK

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    • polwijk says:

      I currently use the Amiko 8150 HD receiver with 65cm dish , which gives great Hotbird reception anywhere in the UK, including all the free Polish channels.

    • polwijk says:

      Sorry Mervyn,
      All Polish subs services use matched cards and boxes so You will have to buy a box. I can supply and fit NC+ equipment and get you going with a subscription. Use the Quote form for a quote.

  • James says:

    I work at a Polish nursing home in the UK and I am often asked to tune in satellite channels from Hotbird that are Polish. What free Polish channels do I look for in the channel list?

    Also, is Twram still available from Astra 19.2?

    • polwijk says:

      Symbol Rate is 27500 for all channels

      Freq/POLAR Channel Name

      10719V TVP info
      10758V 4 Fun TV
      10758V 4 Fun Hits
      10758V 4 Fun Fit And Dance
      10796V TVS Silesia
      10796V Hip Hop TV
      10911V Stars TV
      11179H TV Polonia
      11393V Polo TV
      11393V 8 TV
      11393V Mango 24
      11393V Fokus
      11508V Eska
      11508V Vox Music
      11508V NTL Radomsko
      11508V TO!TV
      11508V Power TV
      11662V Tele 5 Polska
      11662V Polonia 1

      Yes TWRAM is still on Astra1 Freq is 11185 Vert Sym Rate 22000

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