Installing Polish Satellite tv in the UK

The Polish broadcaster CanalPlus  has excellent coverage of major English Premier League Football matches and at a great price compared with other broadcasters. Commentary is usually in Polish, CanalPlus packages can include the latest films which if English or American in origin can be watched with the original soundtrack.

Check out the fixtures here on the official NC+ website 

Use the Chrome browser to view the site translated into English !!

Prices for CanalPlus packages start around £250 / year subscription – please fill in our Quote form for full details and price quote including installation of dish and official receiver anywhere in the UK

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I can offer three choices of receiver for your Canal Plus Football and  sports channels:

NC Plus PVR twin tuner receiver

NC Plus Single Tuner receiver

Technomate with NC+ CAM

Whilst the single and twin tuner NC+ receivers are fairly inexpensive, they are difficult to set up unless you can read  the Polish menu system, the activation of the card therefore is a lot easier on a UK receiver like the Technomate. This receiver is approved by NC+ for  use with the NCplus cam units.

Installation of the channels on the Technomate can be done with the “Quick Install” part of the menu or with a channel list supplied by me and installed with a USB memory stick, it’s a short list of channels, just covering the Canal Plus Sports and the film channels , which show English and US films with the original sound track ( selectable on the remote control )

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