Installing Polish Satellite tv in the UK


Popular Polish entertainment provider NC+, the largest of the broadcasters in the country, is to change its name to Platforma Canal+ in the next few months

The company Wirtualne Media reports that Canal+ wants to raise its profile in the NC+ portfolio.

Back in 2013 when Cyfra+ and N were merged, to create NC+ , the platforms operator ITI was 51% owned by Canal+ along with TVN 32% and Liberty Global ( owns UPC ) 17% , the other backers.

NC+ or Platforma Canal+ will join Cyfra Plus , showing the new sports channels Canal+ Sports 3 and 4 from this July 10th 2019

If you have a receiver with “Blind Search” , like the Amiko 8150 or 8900 Alien then its really easy to tune in any new frequencies. Polish free channels recently changed many of the frequencies used, so this would be a useful feature to have.

For anyone having an older receiver, like a TM800 for example, without this facility, here is a list of frequencies to add to your box, with polarity and symbol rates, to update your Polish viewing.

FREE CHANNELS frequencies data DVB-S2 Indicates an HD transmission, so miss these out if you have a standard def receiver.

10853 H DVB-S2 8PSK 29900 2/3 Satlink, 57.9 Mbps
10892 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 nc+, 38.0 Mbps
10911 V DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 Polsat, 61.3 Mbps
11179 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 Telespazio Digital Platform, 38.0 Mbps
11278 V DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 nc+, 59.9 Mbps
11296 H DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 {90DDA122-D72A-44F4-8716-F5971, 59.9 Mbps
11393 V DVB-S QPSK 27500 5/6 42.2 Mbps
11488 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 5/6 CYFRA+, 42.2 Mbps
11508 V DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 TVN, 61.3 Mbps
11585 V DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 GCP/EHB13A_154, 38.0 Mbps
11642 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4 Belgium Satellite Services, 38.0 Mbps
11662 V DVB-S2 8PSK 27500 3/4 Telespazio, 59.9 Mbps
12284 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 5/6 Polsat, 42.2 Mbps



Typical dish for Polish Free channels, with good quality high gain Technomate Black/Gold LNB and galvanised wall bracket.

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